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If you have an older balancing machine and are thinking about replacement, please consider the option of upgrading with a new digital 2-plane EasyBalance Instrumentation.
Retrofit virtually any balancing machine, regardless of brand

or age



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Precise, Easy-to-Use and Reliable: Dynamic balancing machine instrumentation, PC-based balancing machine electronics, balancing machine instrumentation upgrades for older balancing machines, regardless of brand. Highly sensitive measuring circuits, digitally tuned high-order advanced wattmetric filter technology for unrivaled performance. Extremely accurate and reliable hard-bearing and soft-bearing balancing machine technology.

Upgrade instrumentation for IRD, Schenck, Hines, Reutlinger, Hofmann, Stewart Warner, Balance Technology, Balance Engineering and other balancing machine brands, hard-bearing or soft-bearing. Windows-based EasyBalance point-and-click 2-plane dynamic balancing machine software comes standard with keyway compensation, tooling error compensation, drill depth software and other high-end features.



Ultimate high-end, digital balancing instrumentation

A complete dynamic balancing instrumentation system, so advanced, it fits on just one circuit board. 

Intuitive, high-end WINDOW-based dynamic balancing software with point-and-click simplicity and digital precision.

Also available as upgrade package for existing balancing machines, regardless of brand or age.

for Windows 7, Vista, XP
(32-bit and 64-bit)

10 year warranty

Free software upgrades

Full-featured, intuitive, powerful 2-plane and 3-plane dynamic balancing instrumentation systems, with high-end features, digital precision and ultimate performance.

Available models:

EasyBalance 2.2 
Speed range
100 to 10,000 RPM
US$ 12,900.-
EasyBalance 2.2/L (Low speed)
Speed range 50 to 5,000 RPM
US$ 14,400.-
EasyBalance 2.2/H (High speed)
Speed range 500 to 50,000 RPM
US$ 12,900.-
EasyBalance 2.2/UL (Ultra-low speed)
6 to 250 RPM
US$ 16,400.-
EasyBalance 2.2/UH (Ultra-high speed)
2,000 to 200,000 RPM
US$ 14,400.-
EasyBalance 3.3
3-channel version with 3 independent channels, for roll balancing
(2-plane balancing plus whip measurement)
US$ 15,100.-
EasyBalance 4.2
4-channel version with 2 channels per plane (horizontal/vertical axis) for flexible rotor balancing
US$ 18,300.-


  • High-order digitally tuned advanced wattmetric measuring technology for unrivaled performance
  • Ultra-precision dynamic balancing technology
  • High-end features, digital precision
  • Point-and-click simplicity
  • New life and top-notch performance for older balancing machines
  • Adaptable to all existing vibration sensor types (hard-bearing or soft-bearing)
  • Life Polar Diagram (Unbalance Vector graphic)
  • Unbalance correction histogram
  • Drill depth program
  • Component Split program (Segmented rotors)
  • WINDOWS-based EasyBalance high-end dynamic balancing software
  • ISO 1940 balancing tolerance calculator built-in
  • In stock
  • WINDOWS point-and-click simplicity
  • Point-and-click rotor configurations

  • ISO 8821 Key compensation program

  • ISO 1940 balancing tolerance program

  • Tooling compensation program

  • Live Polar Graphic Diagram

  • Split-Vector program

  • Static / Couple separation program

  • Print reports

  • Automatic balancing log

  • Automatic weight calculations

  • English / Metric selection

  • Balancing history display

  • Electronic protractor (Remote angle indicator)

  • All options included


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